Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TWD: Irish Soda Bread

Man oh man, am I  a procrastinator. After nearly a month I still haven't quite figured out the best schedule for me to keep up with the TWD baking. But! I made it this time, although just barely. Luckily, this bread is a total cinch to put together.

I was a little dubious about a recipe with so few ingredients, but was surprised at the rise on this bread as it went from a flat disk of lumpy dough, to a puffed up golden loaf of yumminess.

The bread was surprisingly moist and had a nice chewy texture, which was pretty surprising as buttermilk is the only fat in this recipe. I expected it to be more scone like, maybe even a little dry, but it was delicious.

The original recipe is pretty basic, I've seen other add mix-ins like cheese, or dried fruit. I think there are a lot of varieties you could have with this bread. Next time, I think I'll add some Parmesan,  garlic and green onions.

This week's recipe is hosted by Carla at Chocolate Moosey and Cathleen of My Culinary Mission.


  1. This was surprisingly good wasn't it? Adding Parmesan, garlic and green onion sounds really flavorful! Mmmm....

  2. Your loaf is beautiful...so high and with such an even texture. Looks like success to me!

  3. This bread is truly a blank canvas - it almost begs to be played with - although, it looks like your plain loaf needed no garnishment.